Risk Assessments

About the risk assessments

The risk assessments were based on the Non-native species APplication based Risk Analysis (NAPRA) tool.  NAPRA is a computer based tool for undertaking risk assessment of any non-native species. It was developed by the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation (EPPO) and adapted for Ireland and Northern Ireland by Invasive Species Ireland. It is based on the Computer Aided Pest Risk Analysis (CAPRA) software package which is a similar tool used by EPPO for risk assessment.

The drafting of the risk assessments was undertaken by both IFI and the Data Centre.  IFI was responsible for 22 risk assessments of largely riparian or aquatic species and the Data Centre was responsible for the remaining 20 species most of which are terrestrial.  A full list of the species for which risk assessments were conducted is provided on the Species List page of this website. Following internal review, each draft risk assessment was submitted to a leading, external expert for peer review.

Once each risk assessment passed the peer review stage, it was published below on this website and made available for stakeholder and general public submissions.

Risk assessments

The public consultation process has concluded.  Completed risk assessments can be viewed below.